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Delight.  Mmm, what a delicious word!  Just let it roll around in your mouth for a bit. Deeee-llight.  It trips across the tongue like a child dancing in the grass on a warm spring day.

Delight is bright and shining.  It sparkles and bubbles and seeps into every corner of your being.  It traces the curve of your smile and the laugh lines by your eyes, leaving them a little better etched and oh, so lovely.

It’s the chocolate bon-bon with a luscious lemon creme inside, the taste of fresh berries straight from the vine, and the icy feel of home-made ice cream as it melts in your mouth.

It’s the silly songs that children sing, the gurgle of a happy baby, and the look on a dog’s face as he hangs his head out of the car window, jowls flapping in the breeze.

It’s finding shoes that feel as good as they look, the book you want on sale, and an out of print CD by your favorite artist.

It’s spending time with the people you love in a place that you love doing things that you love.  It’s the way I feel when I look into my beloved’s eyes, when he calls my name and I see myself reflected in their depths.  It tells me that I am home, and what can be more delightful than that?

What gives you delight?

Comments on: "Delight" (3)

  1. That was “delightful!” ;)

  2. elderpriestess said:

    Thank you!

  3. Making an artistic discovery delights me. Spending time with my sweetie delights me.

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